Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The welfare army

I once believed that the army is a reserve of lethal force used to defend our shores or our interests abroad. Then I read this: I don’t know why I’m surprised. After 13 years of Labour you would think it would come as about as much surprise that your 8 month old has just shat himself again.

It appears that by 2001 the British army had taken to roaming around commonwealth islands looking for ‘the right sort’ to join up. Where according to those in the know over at the Army Rumour Service ARRSE they poodle around base waiting to get knocked up. So they can get discharged and welfare. Why not, if your living in some shanty in Caribbean facing the prospect of spending your life in poverty or back breaking labour for a few pesos in the constant bastard heat. Alternatively, move to the UK where on the assumption your probably vote Labour your get provided for and you never need get off your increasing voluminous arse ever again.

Only every so often a bright spark comes along, this time in the form of the quite brilliant Miss DeBique who released all she needed to do was not bother making any arrangements for her kid in camp or with a paid baby sitter like Christ knows how many other have before in the armies 400 odd year history, instead she just didn’t bother turning up until she got booted out. At which point she sued them for hurt feelings totalling £100,000 , and won. Or about £8k more than the amount a soldier get for having their leg blown off in Afghanistan.

Will this madness ever end in this socialist hell hole of a country?

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